A Clean Restroom

Restrooms are one of dirtiest places to be in. Everyone is supposed to wash their hands, but not everyone does. One problem I have with restrooms are the fact that I have to open the door after I have already washed my hands. The door handles are extremely dirty, and those who don’t wash their hands make it even dirtier.

A standard should be made for restroom doors. They should always be pull from the outside, and push from the inside. For those that are reversed or different, There should be a way to open the door with your bottom foot instead of your hands.

With this design, everyone will be able to open the door to leave the restroom with their feet. So even if people don’t wash their hands, they will not be contaminating anything. Those who do wash their hands won’t have to deal with the door handle making their freshly cleaned hands dirty. The door will always be opened with their foot, so nobody has to worry about touching a dirty door handle.


3 thoughts on “A Clean Restroom”

  1. This is a great idea. It’s always a struggle for me to open the door of the restroom once I have washed my hands especially the ones that do not have any paper towels.


  2. Great idea and its something i never really noticed. I guess i am so used to just using the handle and accepting that even if i wash my hands they will inevitably become dirty no matter what i do. Pushing the door in using only your feet would be a great invention and great topic for physical affordances,


  3. Have you ever been to a restroom where there aren’t any doors to the entrance? Usually with those, you just have to walk around a couple corners before you finally get to the restroom, but there are no doors to be found. I can’t decide if I prefer this design or not, because I’m used to closing doors. I will agree though, that touching bathroom doors can be gross, especially after you see someone leave without washing their hands


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