Slide Card Readers

One problem that I tend to have is in regards to slide cards. Specifically on campus, slide cards only work one way, and are slid vertically. Without paying attention, one can easily slide their card the wrong way, producing an error. One example lies in the 24 hour computer lab in the library. The slide card must be slid the correct way, or the door will not open.

Someone should redesign this system so users do not have to pay attention to which way they slide their cards. People are much happier when they don’t have to think, and when they don’t have to repeat actions based on user error. A slide card reader that can read from both ways would provide its users with a much more seamless experience– no matter which way they slide their card, it will be read correctly.


3 thoughts on “Slide Card Readers”

  1. I can understand your frustration, although sometimes this type of design is done on purpose. Sometimes they want to make the user think about their actions, as a way to prevent human errors. For example, say you accidentally pulled out a card for something else that looks similar when it’s turned around. You would probably keep sliding it and thinking “Why isn’t this working?” By making you turn your card around, you can see which one you’re using instead of looking ridiculous, trying to use your credit card to open a door.


  2. You know what? ive never been to the 24 hour lab but thats a good point. Maybe the should put a little nub at the bottom of the card reader so that if you go up the wrong way then you wouldnt be able to slide it. Nice post and im glad you made this easy to relate to.


  3. I agreed with you completely. I believe school should change their sliding card to a fingerprint system. Then we do have to worry about sliding the card or anything that associates with the card. It is convenience and faster to open the door.


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