Dishwashers With Too Many Buttons

Dishwashers are complicated. A machine that is supposed to simplify your life should not be complicated. New technology means new options, and new dishwashers have many options. There are just too many buttons on new dishwashers, and that has to change.

It is true that technology has simplified life, but in some cases, technology has also complicated life. Take a look below at this high-tech dishwasher.


Photo courtesy

As you can see, there are a multitude of buttons. There are led lights, buttons, and even a screen on the dishwasher. Dishwashers are supposed to do just one thing- wash dishes for you. Why must there be so many options? Dishwashers should really only have three buttons: Wash, Rinse, and Dry. That way, nobody will be confused when trying to operate a dishwasher.


2 thoughts on “Dishwashers With Too Many Buttons”

  1. I always have to ask what settings to use when I use someone else’s dishwasher and they act like I’m an idiot who has never used a dishwasher in my life. I ask on purpose, because there are so many different options on dishwashers these days and I don’t want to destroy their dishes.


  2. I think being able to set a preset on the washing machine would solve a lot of these issues because you can have someone set the settings to the optimal settings and save it for someone else to use without asking.


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