Unburned Toast

Personally, I use a toaster every morning. One problem that I have with toasters is the fact that the subtle dial determines whether or not your toast is edible.

Toasters are great, but I feel like the dial could be more protruding, to create emphasis on how important it is. If you were to toast something on the ‘1’ setting vs the ‘5’ setting, the differences are massive.

Example (the dial is usually ignored by users):


Photo courtesy of appliancist.com

The toaster at my house is used by multiple people, with multiple preferences in levels of toast burn-age. The setting that the toaster is on should be much more apparent, so users stop ignoring the importance of the dial.


2 thoughts on “Unburned Toast”

  1. I don’t understand why a number system is used. “Yes, I prefer my toast to be toasted at a level of 4”. I feel like there should be a color gradient from light brown to black to pick how toasted you want your toast to be.


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