Keeping Track of Money

Pretty much like every other person in the world, I love to spend money. However, it is hard to keep track of how much I’m spending. There should be an application, much like’s mobile app, that allows me to keep track of how much money I spend. It could be very simple, with a very simplistic user interface.

The application I imagine would have just two pages: one for the form, and one for the list of expenditures that I have incurred. I myself would find the application very useful, but I am not entirely sure about others. It would take a lot of diligence to keep up to date, but in my opinion would be worth it. Every time I spend money, I would record it in the application, and it would server as a sort of personal digital checkbook.


2 thoughts on “Keeping Track of Money”

  1. Look up You Need a Budget. It’s a great application that has a very easy UI. It also has a desktop application to use for it and the information can be synced through dropbox. The only problem is that the mobile application ca only be used if you paid for the desktop one. But this can be easily fixed if you find a serial code on the web.


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