Cognitive Affordances 2

Below is the operating system update on Mac OSX, OSX Yosemite. From past experience with computers, one might think that the green button would maximize the window. Similar to the Windows operating system, the maximize button enlarges the current window to the size of the screen. After the Yosemite update, however, the button no longer functions as one would expect. It now creates a new ‘workspace’ on the screen, and creates a full screen window. I, along with a few Mac users that I know, are frustrated with this new feature. The button no longer works as users would normally expect.



2 thoughts on “Cognitive Affordances 2”

  1. Oh, didnt know thats what it does now. As a former mac user im used to it just enlarging the screen if i remember correctly but thats weird that it opens up a new tab and makes it full screen.


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