Cognitive Affordances

Shown below is the transformation of multiple Window’s start buttons. A user transitioning from one version of windows to another would expect each of these buttons to do the same thing. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Normally, the start button would open up a start menu, except for the last two iterations of windows. As a result, most people have criticized the last two versions of windows, namely Windows 8 and Windows 8.1. In Windows 8, the start button doesn’t even exist. Windows 8.1 brought back the start button, but still does not pull up a start menu. Instead, it pulls up a ‘landscape’ called the start screen. It is completely different from every single version of Windows, and has angered many users.






2 thoughts on “Cognitive Affordances”

  1. Honestly hate that button. i just recently got my new laptop with windows 8 and i cant believe how many times ive hit that button and it took me to the tiles page because i thought it would give the normal menu.


  2. That was one of the “features” on windows 8 that always bothered me. Whats worse is that if you have slow computer, it takes forever for the landscape start menu to pop up.


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