Super Weird 2

One thing I find weird is this USB drive pictured below. As you can tell, it is a very, very small USB drive. It was designed with its smallness in mind, so it would not take up a lot of space in a backpack, purse, or keychain. It is also quite large, with a capacity of 16GB. However, there is one HUGE design flaw. The connectors that allow the USB drive itself to be read is completely open, with nothing protecting it.


As a kid, we were told to never touch the shiny, data side of a CD. Also USB drives are obviously more durable, the case is still the same. This begs the question– why did the designer of this USB drive decide to leave the connectors wide open?

I actually own 4 of these USB drives, and this is the last and only one that works. The very first one I opened was put on my keychain, which stopped working after one week. My keys probably hit the golden connectors, destroying the USB drive.

This is really weird to me, because this drive was designed to be small and portable, but the actual durability of it was not considered at all.


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