Multi-Compartment Thermos

My next design idea that I came up is a two-compartment thermos. It can keep two different types of drinks both hot or cold simultaneously. For example: while preparing for the day in the morning, one will be able to carry both ice cold water and fresh hot coffee in the same thermos container. The water will stay cold all day, and the coffee will stay hot all day.

Here is a quick sketch:


This will be a good idea for those who like to have different drinks throughout the  day, who are always out and about. It will also be easily washable, with the two compartments being removable.

This two-compartment thermos will be useless for those who only have one drink (whether it be coffee, tea, or water).


Week 1.1 – Sketched Idea

My first design is a laptop sleeve that provides charging capabilities. It works like a portable smartphone charger would, but is made for laptops. The sleeves would be created for popular laptop models, with the charging adapter provided. The charging adapter itself would be detachable, with extra adapters being sold. Here is a rough sketch of the model:


The sleeve itself would be as thin as possible, with a built in rechargeable battery that is not visible to the everyday user. There would also be a smaller pocket for a smartphone, also with the charging capability. The laptop sleeve itself could be charged, and will have the ability to provide laptops with a full recharge.

This design is made for people who use casual backpacks and messenger bags. This design is of no particular use for those who carry backpacks with dedicated laptop compartments.

CIS 421